Karl has a unique ability to understand how you have developed your belief patterns through a set of techniques he has developed & called Emotional & Mental Construct Linked Patterning. From these abilities he can explain much about "who" and "why" you are where you are and how you can make changes that can benefit your present life journey. Through helping many clients Karl has created a group of workshops that cover topics like The Laws of Attraction, body & Soul connection, Emotional body awareness, your powerful Imagination and the doorways to the inner you.

Karl can see what's going on in your body's energy fields in terms of health issues from energetic imbalances & attachments that may be hindering your growth and vitality. He has knowledge and insight of the Earth's true history and what's occurring and impacting us from a Galactic level.

Karl’s ability to understand the metaphysical energy flow & alignment the body needs to stay balanced on a physical & energetic level, has allowed him to understand & use a unique set of Energy Alignment tools developed using Tnano crystal technology that provides many benefits to his clients.

Karl discovered that these Energy Alignment tools perform as crystalline energy activators. They perform like an energy filtering system, filtering out negative energy then flowing positive light energy helping protect the client from accumulating negative energies and filtering the life force energy system known in Chinese medicine as Chi.

Karl has through his personal Archturian connection been able to create a set of three animated visual colour coded programs mixed with music transposed to the 528hz frequency.  He discovered that by combining the Energy Alignment tools with the visual programs helped his clients have a very deep level healing relaxing experience that feels soothing, aligning and balanced.
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Karl Camden-Burch
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ABN 59 138 312 920
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